Kesava Smrithi, Chithra Lane, Aluva-1



Dear friends,

The significantly historic role played by our expatriates to enrich Kerala is well understood. Even now the Kerala economy is held buoyant by the remittances of Keralites who sweat, toil and labour in far offlands. The authorities and the ruling machinery in Kerala have completely failed in correctly deploying the funds and resources created by this expatriate community. Recent tragic events testify to the sad fact that lackadaisically hostile attitudes of the local government bodies force the entrepreneurial minded expatriates to aimlessly futile exhaustion of energies, neurotic depression and suicide. Expatriates are even forced to fight to wring their rightful entitlements from rueful authorities. On the other side, the powers to be back home turn a blind eye to the stark realities of the current socio economically depressive conditions of life and lack of employment opportunities facing our expatriate brethren in their chosen countries of work. Often preys to mercilessly exploiting local mafias including banks, large numbers of businesses abroad are forced to down shutters as economies in those countries face bleak futures. Increasing numbers of workers in the Gulf, feeling deprived of Utopian dreams lifestyles find it hard even to afford to buy tickets to fly home.   It is in these grim times the much needed Kerala Pravasi Kshema Samithi has taken shape. Chief among the objectives of the Samithi are the essential rehabilitation of the suffering and deprived expatriate such as finding suitable gainful employment or viable entrepreneurial opportunities, extending assistance to those in pitiable plights abroad and at home.   The Pravasi Kshema Samiti avows to live up to its declared objectives of extending its hands of true kinship in a timely manner in the true nationalist spirit of implementing social justice. Certainly be assured that this committed group will drive the required Change of Paradigm that these misdirected, troubled times direly needs.  

A R Mohanan, Marg Darshak, Pravasi Kshema Samiti, Keralam